Air Diaphragm Pump

CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor

CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor

CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor

CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor. Product description The Charles Austen ET60 is a linear diaphragm air pump which provides a clean, oil free air source. Applications include: Sewage aeration Aquatic oxygenation Spas / whirlpools Water feature The Charles Austen ET60 air pump has a flow rate of 60 litres per minute at a pressure of 0.17 bar and is designed with a vacuum assisted noise reduction system & rainproof enclosure. It is quiet when running (as low as 35dB) and is vibration free. 25.14 x 21.34 x 20.1 cm.

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In 1997 Esoteric Hydroponics was created. The aim was to bring nature and technology together for the benefits of anyone that was interested.

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CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor